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 The 5 Part Trilogys

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Endless Latvala Fan


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PostSubject: The 5 Part Trilogys   Tue 20 Jul - 2:43

Now this fan fic is NOT a one shot and it's a sad one so i hope u all like it :

Title : Draw The Line
Author : Endless Latvala Fan
Rating : PG13
Pairing : Lauri & Lauren
Summary : What happens when the person you love is gone forever?
Disclaimer : I do not own TR ever and i only own Lauren

Tic-toc says the clock on the wall
It tells me everything is wrong, maybe
I lost my dreams long the way
Feels like we're about to fall
Into the shadow I run but lately gravity
Is pulling me back on my feet again

Well I should tell you all who I am, well I'm Lauri Ylonen and I'm 26years old from Helsinki Finland and I have my own rock band who I'm not sure if you have heard of or not but well I have the most wonderful girlfriend called Lauren and she's everything a guy could ever want and I was that guy well until recently I sadly lost Lauren so please let me explain how I lost Lauren without me crying through all this so be paitent with me...

Lauri's P.O.V

Well it all started in the summer of 2006 and I had came back from the tour excited about seeing Lauren as I loved her with my whole mind,heart,body and soul but nothing in this world could prepare me for what was going to be waiting for me when I unlocked the apartment to our home that we shared together since we met back in 2003 and as I unlock the apartment door I'm shocked to find stuff like everywhere and I shut the door and walk inside and all I want to see is Lauren but she's nowhere to be seen, then I decide to put my tour bag into our room and that was when I saw Lauren lying on the floor bleeding from her stomach and I run over to her and check to see if she's still alive which to my relief she is then I pull out my mobile phone and dial for the medical services and explain to them that I have found my girlfriend bleeding from a stab wound and they send out medical people to the apartment and I sit next to Lauren softly crying, until I hear a knock at the door so I slowly get up snd walk to the door and open it to find the medical people there and I step to the side and let them in and lead them to where Lauren is...

Why don't we say goodbye
Cos' now I know how it feels to live a lie
It's hurting so deep inside
Tell me why, oh its breaking me, its killing me
So why... draw the line (mmm, ohh)

The medical people feel Lauren and to see if she's got a pulse which she does but it's very weak so they tell me that they are taking Lauren into hospital and I go with her and on the way down I pull out my phone and scroll down to Aki's name and write a new message and I text Aki " Gone to hospital with Lauren as she's badly hurt and tell Pauli and Eero please and meet me there". I sent it, then switched my phone off and put it back in my jean pocket and the whole way to the hospital seems to take forever and I'm holding Lauren's hand in mine and begging her to stay alive which I prayed a lot now i'm not into that stuff but I thought that I would try it and see what would happen to Lauren and so we arrive at the hospital where my bandmates are waiting for me and then I'm told that they are taking Lauren into surgery and at hearing this, I fall to the floor crying..

Tic-toc every heart beat drums
Whenever you're around baby
Can't seem to chase those clouds away
There's no escape from it all
Into the shadow I run but lately gravity
Is pulling me back on my feet again

I'm not sure how long I've been here but it feels like forever to be truthful and the guys are with me and are taking turns at comforting me bless their hearts then I check the time on the wall and I hear footsteps and the door opening and it's the doctor who's looking after Lauren and he comes inside and over to me and tells me that I am needed in Lauren's room as she's out of surgery and they did tell me earlier but I was thinking of asking Lauren to be my wife and I slowly get up off the chair and head with the doctor down the halls and into Lauren's room but nothing could prepare me for what I was going to expect and I entered Lauren's room to find her wired up to machines and all sorts but I walked over to her bed and sat down on the hard chair and took Lauren's hand in mine and I kissed her cheek softly and I told her that she has to survive and be my wife and I must of fallen asleep but only for a while until I heard alarms going off with Lauren, suddenly I'm being put out of the room but I'm screaming to them to let me back inside but it took them maybe 5 minutes but to me it seemed shorter and the doctor came out and looked at me then he told me that Lauren had died so he told me to go inside and say goodbye and this in itself broke my heart into tiny pieces and I was now crying as I walked inside to say a final farewell to the girl I loved...

Why don't we say goodbye
Cos' now I know how it feels to live a lie
Oh it's hurting so deep inside
Tell me why, oh it's breaking me, it's killing me
What if we turned around and walk away
Right now.
Would you cry, would you die a little
Oh boy I'm about to say goodbye, say goodbye

It took a few weeks for the funeral to arrive and this was something I knew was going to be the hardest thing that I've ever had to do so Lauren's family were there and they were crying like me as well and we laid Lauren to rest and I put a single red rose on her coffin as it was put into the ground and told her that i would always love her so I got a tattoo which was a red rose with her name underneath so she would always be with me forever and I finally made the next album with the guys and i knew sooner or later that i had to *sighs* now these words are hard for me to say but i had to "Draw The Line"..

Oh why don't we say goodbye
Cos' now I know how it feels to live a lie
Oh it's hurting so deep inside
Tell me why, oh it's breaking me, it's killing me
(why don't we say goodbye,
cos' now i know how it feels to live a lie)
Oh it hurting so deep inside
Tell me why, oh it's breaking me, it's killing me
So why... draw the line,
I draw the line
I draw the line

Thanks for reading the story on how I lost Lauren and it means a lot that now you know how I felt when I wrote this....


More to come and comments welcome
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The 5 Part Trilogys
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