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 The Rasmus on Tour with HIM and Negavtive - 19 Febraury 2006

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PostSubject: The Rasmus on Tour with HIM and Negavtive - 19 Febraury 2006   Sun 20 May - 14:06

First, I thought I wouldn't have that much luck. I woke up at 11am, two hours too late. So I had to pack my stuff and make me ready in less than one hour. My train left at 12.06 pm. I arrived in Zurich at 1.30 pm. But now I had to find the way to the music event hall. Wasn't that easy for me without any card or idea where it could be. I just asked one person and I can't believe it but I found the way without any problems. When I arrived, there were already many fans waiting...So I forget my chance to have a good place. Now I had to pass more than 4 hours alone. The times passed so slow but I spend my time with calling my friends Smile

Then at 6 pm I think ( can't remember the time) the first doors opened. I just run in after showing my ticket. And what the hell, I saw a few people standing in front of another two doors. I didn't know which would be the better one. So I decided me for the left one. We had to wait some minutes more. But then finally the doors opened and I run again in...I coulnd't believe it ( where were all the fans?) I found a great place at the first row in the middle.

After waiting and talking with other fans the concert began. Negative make a awesome show. Since this day, I love this band Smile But Unfortunately, after a half hour they already finished with their last show. Now the stage was ready for The Rasmus. It was dark, and we heard the sound of dancer in the dark. Then finally the guys were standing in front of us and began a great show with night after night. They played many songs from hide from the sun, but also some of dead letters. They guys seemed to have a great time Smile after one hour it was already over with The Rasmus :'( I coulnd't decide between watching HIM or going to the backstage entrance...But finally I watched the show of HIM. But after 90 minutes I had to leave because my last train left at 00.20 am.

This day was so awesome and I made many new friends. The only bad thing was that I had to go to school the next day XD

( I'm sorry I can't give more details about the gigs and songs. But it's too far away for me already XD)


4 February 09 The Rasmus @ Bern
5 February 09 The Rasmus @ Zrich
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PostSubject: Re: The Rasmus on Tour with HIM and Negavtive - 19 Febraury 2006   Wed 23 May - 17:57

Thanks for the review ... I remember very well this concert XD XD XD There is a lot of memories, isn't it Lintufan ?
It was the first time that I took the train to go to Switzerland and the first concert I did with Lintufan (it was the first time that I met her in the real life ... ) and it was so nice XD XD ...
We annoyed her father ( ah the coffee!!! Will he know that one day ??? loool), We had to ask to people in the street where was the Maag even hall XD XD XD
We lost ourselves in Zurich (a little bit) and Lintufan had to phone a friend to help us to find the place XD XD XD. lol! lol! lol!

On my skyblog I wrote (all ?) the songs they played and Lintufan did some videos (Immortal and Last Generation) : Night after night, Still standing,In my life, Shot, Guilty, Keep your heart broken, Heart of misery, Lucifer's angels, Last generation, Immortal, Sail away, Funeral song, First day of my life, No fear, In the shadows

and Lintufan ... kisses to your father and to you ! I miss you very much ! I hope that I'll be able to come back soon on msn but unfortunately I have a lot of work this year Sad
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The Rasmus on Tour with HIM and Negavtive - 19 Febraury 2006
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