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 Back to school

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Big The Rasmus Fan
Big The Rasmus Fan

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PostSubject: Back to school   Thu 4 Jan - 19:25

One day in Helsinky year '79 borned 4 guys: Lauri,Aki ,Eero and Pauli now they are all 16 and learn ath the Highway School and they don't care about scholl they care only about music and girls..the other guys at school didnt like the same things than them.... they liked hockey... and they were jealous about lauri. aki, pauli and eero,,, because of their success with girls...But one day Lauri and Pauli meet 2 girls...They were looking like Shocked Shocked Shocked ...they met in a bar... and drank something with the girls...but Lauri and Pauli looked at the girls like 2 angels and same for the girls. They were called Roxana and Nadine and were really nice...After the conversation the boys asked Roxana and Nadine for another date and the girls said that they gonna meet tommorow at school.They said goodbye and were totally in looooooooooove with them! Lauri likes Roxana and Pauli liked Nadine

they went home and told the story to Aki and Eero
"Woho man glad you've found your part"laughed Aki at Lauri at the same time... Eero listend at Pauli's story and was very happy for his friend

"Well when are you gonna date with them again? " asked Eero
*tomorrow at schoooool* answered lauri with bright eyes

we saw that he was totally in love!

same time at our home we told astrid what happened...Astrid was very happy for us... and asked us if we had pics of the guys... we we didnt have
"You gonna meet them tommorow at school"i said happy
and.... then.. they went to bed and dreamed of the next day

... next day at school.. "Heya guys! "we said happy they run by us and give us some very big hugs
"I messed you"i said shy to Lauri and he became red and very shy!
"You are really funny"i laughed
"These are the guys"wishpeard Nadie to Astrid
Astrid looked at them and though that they were really cute and semmed to be nice!

behind Lauri and Lauri.. stand Aki...Aki started to look at Astrid..and Astrid looked Aki like she would look her idol!
"Heya"said Aki shy
Astrid tried to answer... but no sound came up of her mouth
"She's very shy"wishpeard Nadie to Aki
Then Pauli asked Nadine to come with him for a moment...same Lauri and Roxana...and Aki with Astrid... and Eero was suddently alone...30 minutes later Lauri, Roxana, Pauli, Nadine, Aki and Astrid joind Eero in a bar.... and they were all happy... except of Eero... he was a little bit upset
"Aww come on man try to be happy" smiled Pauli
Then a man arrived in the bar... he was drunk... he sang in the bar and was really embarasting... so Aki went by him and said him to go out of the bar... and started to fight with him... the police arrived and asked them to say their names...
aki said *Aki Hakala*
the drunk man said *Ville.... Valo*
"Ville Vallo?!Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked "said all
then Aki felt very very embarasted and run behind Eero to hide
"OMG Aki.."said Astrid
then the policeman went out and Aki wanted to tell Ville how much he was sorry for the accident
"it's ok "sight Ville
but Aki wanted to invite him to have a drink with his friends
"I accept"said Ville
Ville ordered a vodka and looked at Astrid very strangly.... like if he wanted to kiss her...
"Step back...she's mine!"yelled Aki
Astrid felt very shy... and said to Ville that she was aki's girlfriend since this day..
Then Ville take a look at Roxana and Nadine first he did the same strange face to Nadine and said... I'm Pauli's girlfriend!
"And i'm Lauri's"i said
ville was like: Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

he wantred to be one of these 3 girls' boyfriend and hw would do all his possible for his dream to come ture!
"Don't worry you can find girls here"i laughed
*but I want one of youuuu* said Ville...

Pauli said *he is drunk... let's go to another place without him*
"Well what can i say ?What do you think Lauri ?"i asked
*he is right, let's go to another place.... let's go to my home*
they went but didnt realized that Ville was folowing them...
"Oh good" i said
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PostSubject: Re: Back to school   Sat 10 Feb - 16:44

haha funny one
are you finnish or do you continue with it?


4 February 09 The Rasmus @ Bern
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Back to school
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