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PostSubject: Playboys   Fri 7 Jul - 21:08

Let's talk about the second rasmus alum: Playboys!

By the way I have a question....

who's saying the first thing? I mean the * You're listening to the second rasmus album *playboys*- When you hear the following sound *digiding lol! * please turn the page in the booklet you've recieved with the cd... here we go*?
I hope someone know it! Wink

It's impossible to save me..save me from madness... oh it's madness

Gigs of The Rasmus:

20.08.04 Mont-Soleil Open Air Festival, Mont-Soleil
10.11.05 Metropop Festival, Lausanne
11.11.05 Kaufleuten, Zürich
19.02.06 Maag Event Hall, Zürich
21.04.06 Dahu Festival, La Chaux-De-Fonds
24.06.06 Bex Rock Festival, Bex
11.08.06 Heitere Open Air, Zofingen
14.07.07 Open Air Frauenfeld, Frauenfeld
27.07.07 Open Air Val Lumnezia, Degen
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The Rasmus fan with no life
The Rasmus fan with no life

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PostSubject: Re: Playboys   Sun 9 Jul - 8:25

I don't know but... Is someone have the Making Of of Playboys? I can't find it... (And Lintufan knows what I'm talking about!!!) And I know that it exist! (I saw it one time, but I didn't save...) So... If you have it, or you know where I can find it... You know how to join me!
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