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 Dead Letters Tour - 21.11.03 Switzerland

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PostSubject: Dead Letters Tour - 21.11.03 Switzerland   Sat 9 Sep - 18:32

This will be a great day for. For my first time I will see my favorite band The Rasmus. But for that I had to ask the school for leaving earlier. And it worked. I was so happy. So I left school at 3 oclock met my friend at the train station and we took the train to Zurich. When we arrived there we just thought about how to find this Xtra, this buiding where they will play. After then, we asked some people we found it and waited there at 4.15pm at the entrence. There were already some fans...I think it was about 40. Then after 3 hours waiting we could go finaly in. it was very different for us, because this was the first time for us we're going to a concert. So we saw the other girls running, so we decided to do the same:P...and after some stairs we saw the stage. We arrived in the second row. Great place. After some mintues the band trapt already began to play. They were so great. The singer always came to the audiance so we could touch his hands many times Razz

Then after finaly the Music of funeral song began to play. We were so excited and our cameras ready to take photos. We couldn't believe when they were standing in front uf us, so closed...After a great gig we went down to buy some tshirts posters with signs and so on....we also could make some photos with the support band trapt. Later we walked back to the station and in our heads we were still at the concert...

it's a short one...I am sorry but its a long time ago...so I can't remember everything clearly Razz


4 February 09 The Rasmus @ Bern
5 February 09 The Rasmus @ Zrich
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Dead Letters Tour - 21.11.03 Switzerland
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